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Hello World!

Hello world! Welcome to our blog! Let me explain what this Fabiolous Cooking Day is all about. Chef Fabio Bongianni (hence FABIO-lous cooking day, no it is not just a spelling error) has his restaurant (That’s Amore), his cooking schools, his cook book, and his crazy life. This blog is coming to you from Rome, and it will be about chef Fabio Bongianni, juggling our hectic agenda , food, wine, recipes, travel, and many random things worth blogging about.

Meet Fabio:

Fabio Bongianni was born and raised in Rome. He went to the Ritz Escoffier culinary school in Paris and opened 3 restaurant in Rome. After experiencing success with his restaurants, Fabio wanted to do something different, so he started his cooking school. He has 4 cooking classes:

At That’s Amore restaurant (10 people)

At his apartment in Rome between Spagna and Barbarini (10 people)

30 minutes outside of Rome in the countryside of Mazzano (8 people)

A Larger space in the Jewish quarter for groups up to 50

Hope you all check out our new blog! We will be bringing you new fun stuff every week!

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