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Celebrity Student At That’s Amore!

11:00am Friday afternoon at That’s Amore. Just another seemingly normal day of cooking classes. But this ordinary day took an extraordinary turn. Unbeknownst to our staff, in walked Nia Varlos, writer and lead actress of “My Big Fat Greek Wedding,” for a Fabiolous Cooking Day cooking course.

Nia and her friend were a pleasure to have in class. She was eager to socialize and share stories with the other 7 American “class-mates.”

After making cavatelli and stuffing ravioli, the next logical step is to MANGIA! The entire group seemed pleasantly surprised that the delicious meal they were eating was made by their own hands! While the group was eating, Fabio came to the restaurant and chatted with them.

Fabio shared stories about having a stutter as a child, which only comes back to haunt him when he is around beautiful women or celebrities. Fabio explained, “I don’t know what happens but when I go to speak it just won’t come out.” Nia and the rest of the table found this quite funny, considering how collected and confident Fabio seems in the kitchen.

Even after posing for nearly 20 photos with other guests in our restaurant and all of our staff, Nia had a very laid back down to earth attitude. She gave Fabio & staff many thanks and even went for a coffee with her group after the class was over! Very nice and warm person who was a great celebrity guest at Fabiolous Cooking Day.

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