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Start Planning Holiday Fun With Us!

We all love to procrastinate, however in Rome it can be impossible to find last minute space to have a “Cena Di Natale” (Christmas dinner). Right now at Fabiolous Cooking Day we are offering excellent “early bird discounts” if you book with us before October 1st. Our beautiful “Fooxia” location in the historic Jewish quarter of Rome makes for a prime location to host a holiday event.

There it is, and that’s not even it best angle :). This chic location can host up to 50 guests, perfect if you are booking a holiday event for your business or a dinner with family & friends.

The best part; Chef Fabio will be cooking and serving his own home-made Roman recipes right before your eyes. The studio-style layout has an open kitchen so you can watch all that is going on!

Maybe you are the adventurous type looking for something more thrilling. Spice things up this year and do a cooking class for your holiday event! A cooking class is a great way to turn the normal holiday dinner into an exciting, fun, and memorable night. Our chefs guide you through making various pastas such as cavatelli, fettuccine, and ravioli, as well as other dishes. Afterwards you relax and enjoy the food you made yourself!

Whether you choose to relax and let us make your holiday party a hit, or make things exciting by doing a cooking class, book quickly because space is filling up! If you book before October 1st ask us about our “early bird special.”

For pricing and booking contact us:

Phone: +39 06 45478765


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