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Monthly Update With Fabiolous Cooking Day

Buongiorno tutti!

A lot of you want to keep in touch with us after you unfortunately have to leave Rome, so I have decided to start writing a monthly update. This is for those of you who dinned in our restaurant, took a cooking class with us, or just really like me 🙂  There is A LOT going on here at Fabiolous Cooking Day and Rome so lets get you up to date.

The month of August is a particular month in Rome, with the locals fleeing the city center and businesses are all closed. I don’t always join in on the leisurely activities practiced this month, but this year I was somehow able to balance work and play. I spent 2 weekends in Ponza, 1 weekend in Ischia, 1 weekend in Calabria, and 1 week in the island of Eolie (off the north coast of Sicily). All of this was with my wife, needless to say she is ready for me to go back to work. I have been around Italy and back, and I have returned with a couple of regional dishes that I can’t wait to share. I will compile all of the new dishes I learned this month into one blog to make it easier on you organized folks.

This month at Fooxia, we had many student groups learning outside of the classroom, cocktail parties going on, and we just started our amazing specials on “Cena Di Natale.”

At my restaurant,  I had two very memorable students in my pizza making class who just might be tied for the title of most adorable chef.

They were both such amazing chefs it was scary. I am not just saying that because they are cute, they both were really good at following directions and had a confidence to them that most adults don’t have in my cooking class.

I had some other memorable guests this month including a family from Tokyo, a group of hilarious New Yorkers, and a Floridian couple who came back 3 times in August! Several classes this month had newlyweds/ newly engaged couples. I forgot to pick up my last issue of Cosmo but luckily these clients helped teach me that its wedding season.

Traveling all over Italy this month was nothing short of excellent. I love seeing new places, meeting new people, but then at the end, I always love coming home to ROME! Here are some photos of my travels.

There you have it, During the peculiar month of August where businesses all take off and  the city of Rome practically shuts down, I somehow managed to have a very productive August, while still getting some vacation time. I will be writing soon of the new dishes I learned during my travels! Keep on cooking!

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  1. Patrizia Miller #

    Grazie Fabio, This news update and photos of you and the food are AWESOME!!! Missed you in July but Igor was fantastic and happy you had an enjoyable vacation…..all roads lead back to Rome and I am already planning my next visit to bella l’Italia! (Awaiting your new recipes)

    August 30, 2012

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