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Recipe of The Week: Gnocchi with Tomato, Pork, and Asparagus

With the weather cooling down, I wanted to share this comfort food recipe with you all. I made it with a class last week and they all agreed it was their favorite dish of the day.

Preparation time
40 minutes

-1/4 pound of pork cheek (bacon will work if you can’t find pork cheek)
-2 cups cherry tomatoes (cut in half)-1 cup asparagus peeled and chopped

-1 cup white wine

First, in a bowl, place apsparagus in a bowl of cold water. This will start softening the apsparagus.
Wash and cut tomatoes in half.
Dice pork cheek into one-inch long strips.
After asparagus has soaked for a few minutes, peel off leaves and dice.
Next, in a saucepan on medium heat, put in the pork cheek with no oil, butter or any thing. The pork will have enough fat already. After the pork cooks for 3-5 minutes, or is not raw anymore, turn the heat to high and add the tomatoes. The high heat will cause the tomatoes to caramelize rather than getting mushy.
After a minute, add the asparagus to the pan. Glaze with white win, continue to cook on high heat for 2 more minutes, then lower heat to medium and let simmer.
Let this cook for 20 minutes. The flavors will melt together the longer you cook, giving you a better result. Remove from heat and pour over your hand made gnocchi!You can find instructions on how to make homemade gnocchi in our “gnocchi with fresh anchovies and pecorino cheese” recipe.

Buon appetito! Until next week!

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