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Artichoke Lasagna

This rich and savory lasagna is simple to make. I Love the mix of artichoke and guanciale so this dish for me was buonissimo!

Ingredients for filling:

4 artichokes

1/2 cup white wine

1 clove of garlic, widely chopped

2.5 ounces flour

2.5 ounces of butter

4.25 cups of milk

.5 lb of guanciale (pork cheek). Bacon can be used as replacement.

Start by steaming the artichokes. Place them upside down in the pot with garlic,wine, and 1/2 cup of water. Once simmering, place lid on top. Artichokes are done when they are tender enough to stick a fork easily through the center.

For the béchamel, you put butter, flour, and milk in pan on medium/high heat and stir. you continue to stir until you arrive at a thick consistency.

Next you chop your pork cheek into short pieces and sauté them in a pan without oil or butter. Sauté until meat is cooked.

Now you need to take the artichokes out and clean them. Remove the outer layers of the artichoke until you get to the tender center. Chop the artichoke and mix into the béchamel sauce.

Next we need to make the pasta. For the pasta you will need 300 grams of flour and 3 eggs.

Pour flour on working surface and make a fountain with a hole in the middle of the flour. Break the eggs into the middle of the fountain. Gently beat the eggs inside to absorb the flour.

While beating the eggs, add a little flour at a time with the tip of the fork. When all the flour is mixed and you have a dough consistency, knead the dough by pressing and folding gently with your hands for 5 minutes. Let the ball of dough sit for 30 minutes in the fridge.

Roll the dough out with a rolling pin into a long rectangular shape. If you do not have a pasta machine, continue to roll with the rolling pin until you reach the desired thickness. With the pasta machine, start on the thickest setting and put the dough through the machine numerous times (changing the setting each pass), patiently reaching the desired thickness. Each time you will need to sprinkle flour on the pasta to keep it from sticking to the machine. Cut the dough into long rectangular pieces

Places the rectangular pasta pieces in boiling water for 30 seconds then immediately remove one by one and place in a tub of cold water and a little bit of oil.

Next we are going to layers the pasta, béchamel sauce, pork cheek, and parmigiana cheese in a casserole dish until we have reached the top.


Finish with cheese covering the top, and throw that in the oven for 20 minutes on 350. Take out, let it cool and mangia!

Buon apetito!!


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