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Cooking with celebrity chef Sophie Mitchell for the Guardian

One of the most exciting recent experiences I’ve had involved a beautiful fellow chef, a british film crew, roman rooftops and of course a significant amount of excellent food. We were asked to film our cooking day in Rome for the readers of the Guardian.

A film crew on my terrace

I had the privilege of hosting Sophie Michell, a London based celebrity chef who was a nutritionist for top models and often appears on TV shows.. She started coking at 15 and has worked for celebrated London restaurants such as including the Greenhouse, the Embassy, the Lanesborough and Zilli Fish Too.

I really enjoyed spending time with Sophie, she’s a really nice girl as well as being a competent, passionate and experienced chef despite her young age. We filmed for two days and worked quite hard to produce the 3 minute video which can be seen on the Guardian website.

A fluffy friend joined us in Rome’s biggest organic market

Sophie’s crew was really nice and professional, and my staff and I really enjoyed meeting them and I hope they’ll come back to visit us. We had a great meal at one of the favorite restaurants, da Giggetto al Portico d’Ottavio. The crew and my assistants as well as Sophie and I of course, I insisted they all tried the Roman Jewish specialty artichokes, the “carciofi alla Giudia”.

While in the Jewish quarter I decided to show Sophie and her crew around, and we did some food shopping in shops that aren’t easy to find without a guide. They weren’t expecting to find a butcher like the one I usually take my students to.

I was pleased to take Sophie around the Campo de’ Fiori market, a typical food market she really liked. We tasted most of the vegies we bought and also found the time to have a Sicilian Breakfast at Nonna Vincenza. All my friends and students know how crazy I am about this patisserie and after Sophie tried the granite brioche, she was pretty crazy about it too.

Once we finished filming the outdoor scenes we headed home for MORE outdoor scenes since we decided to actually film on the rooftop terrace of my penthouse. Naturally we also used the kitchen but we chose to do as much as possible on the roof, where the light was ideal and the view breathtaking.

We had a wonderful dinner under the stars, the wine was excellent and the meal we cooked was memorable. How many times do you get two celebrity chefs to cook together at sunset on a roman rooftop? Not many, but hopefully more than just once!

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