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A Day trip to Todi

One of the things I adore about Italy is that there are so many beautiful towns in its twenty regions. Just a short trip away from Rome will take you to a number of picturesque towns which are really enjoyable and make for a nice break from the hectic life in Rome.

One of my most memorable recent trips was in Todi, in the central region of Umbria. The river Tiber runs across the nation and through the eternal city, but many miles before it reaches the capital it runs by Todi. The town is perched on a hill and is considered to be one of the world’s most livable cities.

I love it when I get to be a tourist and just walk around in search of beauty, and in Todi it isn’t hard to find. The sloping Piazza del Popolo gave a great feeling, the sun was shining on the Duomo, the Gothic architecture seems so different from the architecture we are used to in Rome. And this palace, the Palazzo del Popolo (of the people) is said to be one of the most ancient communal buildings in Italy.

There is just so much to see, you turn a corner and suddenly you feel the urge to take a picture. Taking pictures is another passion of mine, and I think that Todi gave a great chance to build my portfolio, don’t you think?

But my favorite was certainly the church of San Fortunato. As with many buildings in Rome this church has gone through so many centuries and changes that it gives a good idea of our history. In the 7th century it was a Palaeo-Christian temple and six centuries later the Franciscans turned it into a Gothic building. The façade that can be seen in my pic is only partly finished, they were still working on it in the 15th century.

I always like to mix it up so after some sightseeing I think I really deserved a plate of hamdmade pasta with wild boar sauce. This is not very common in Rome but it is typical of this region as well as Tuscany.

How amazing is it that you can just step inside a church and find two people dancing away to a Tango? I was mesmerized by the notes and the beauty, it was completely unexpected, but that’s the sort of surprise I really enjoy. Shame I couldn’t step in too, Tango isn’t my forte!

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