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The amazing Cecchi estate

On my quest to find the best food and wine in Italy I couldn’t miss Cecchi, one of the most highly respected wineries of the country. I set out on the short journey that brought me across rolling hills and green fields to the Cecchi estate, a haven for wine lovers.


But on my was to the estate I stopped at a legendary butcher, the Antica Macelleria Cecchini, possibly the most famous butcher in the world. Bill Buford, a journalist for the New Yorker worked as his apprentice in order to write about it in his bestselling biography “Heat”.

But back to Cecchi, a celebrated brand that is also, and most importantly, the name of a family that was central in the evolution of Italian wine since 1893. Today Cesare and Andrea Cecchi have the responsibility and honor to manage the family business.

First they showed me the vineyards, the secret of this family’s success. I was able to see the plants up close and to see what other vegetation is home to this area. But my tour included all the stages required to make the wine, from the vineyards to the barrels.

I was really impressed by the level of perfectionism visible in every department of this estate. But this didn’t at all make my day less pleasant. The Cecchi’s were really nice and hospitable and it was clear to me that everyone working in this estate not only has a great passion for wine but also the knowledge of contributing to a great product that Italians are very proud of.

Today Cecchi has about 330 hectares of vineyards spread over different areas of central Italy. The process of making wine starts from the choice of the land and Cecchi’s vineyards are in the best spots and they have produced wine without interruptions from the sixties. The wines are the fruit of the land, the grapes that arrive in the cellars guarantee the quality as much as technology and knowledge.

Of course I was very interested in the wine-making process, but I was even more interested in testing the final product. I was presented with three of their best wines and I was very satisfied with them, I will certainly bring some back home for my guests and students.


I also had the chance to talk about typical dishes of the region with a fellow chef and we had a delicious meal, a plate of ravioli that will be hard to forget…

I must say that the dessert was the highlight of the meal, and a very appropriate ending to such a sweet experience.

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