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Every day could be fabiolous…

It was yet another sunny day in the most beautiful city in the world and I was glad to spend it with new and old friends. Life is very complicated so why not try to make it simpler?


When I met Nino and his wife I instantly liked them, some tastes are acquired but others you instantly like. We went food shopping and found out we had a lot in common, first of all their passion for food and their love of Italy. And also that we all liked to get immediately down to business, and business in this case means cooking.


As many of you know inspiration is a big part of my day. I need to look around and ask and get a feel for what my friends and I are in the mood for.

All you really need is an idea.  But after the plan has been decided I really like to get the work done. Nobody just stands around in the kitchen, everybody needs to get their hands dirty and pull their weight. But of course ingredients are the key to success.


On this particular day it was a small class of two, which is more intimate and less hectic, and we had a chance to try making something sophisticated as well as a typical italian dish to die for.

So you start with the basic ingredients of course, but the quality makes all the difference in the world. I showed my friends what I consider to be one of the best market in the center of Rome as well as a few tips on how to handle the lively market dwellers.

In exchange Nino promised to show me around if I ever make it “down under”. This charming couple have italian origins but live in Australia, where they own and manage a restaurant. So now you know what I meant when I said we ad a lot in common!


Naturally when I’m dealing with a fellow chef the lessons can be more challenging but it’s always good to exchange ideas because you never know enough, right? We made pasta the way our grandmas used to make it and we had a great time, things didn’t get messy and I immediately knew I was dealing with pros.

Which was also a factor in deciding the dishes, that as well as Nino’s desire for fish. Here we are having some fabiolous shell fish, are we quality checking or just eating before time? You’ll never know…


Our main dish was quite laborious but it was certainly worth it considering the final result, wouldn’t you say so?

You know how much I love anchovies and my personal battle to improve the reputation they have in the U.S. Our anchovies are very different and I wish everyone could taste them. This is our anchovie cup cake and I would challenge anyone to say they don’t like anchovies after tasting it.


We certainly enjoyed it, but not as much as I enjoyed showing this lovely couple around and involving them in a day of my life. I feel very luck and privileged and whenever I can share my passion and my city I feel like it’s been another another beautiful day. So thank you Nino!

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